Friday, February 8, 2008

happy anniversary

i have to admit...i have the best parents in the world. this post is for is their 34th wedding anniversary. so, here are 34 reasons i love them.

1 - they love each other and it shows.
2 - mom is willing to still come to the doctor with me to hold my hand.
3 - dad is so smart. i mean so so smart. always has an answer.
4 - they love to spoil their grandkids.
5 - they enjoy living life.
6 - dad can make up the best stories to explain anything!
7 - laculator, energency, pernointment
8 - dad is a great teacher.
9 - they are the reason i am who i am.
10 - both are great at what they do.
11 - always willing to go the extra mile and help anyone.
12 - they have great smiles.
13 - dad always gave us kids father's blessings the night before school started. i think those made all the difference.
14 - birthday balloons.
15 - encouraging me to serve a mission - and supporting me.
16 - for their candid advice.
17 - for sunday dinners - every sunday.
18 - for family vacations - hawaii, california, oregon coast, camping, washington - always a fun time.
19 - helping me realize that rules are what kids need - when i was a kid and with my own kids.
20 - matching christmas jammies and clam chowder traditions.
21 - being there when my babies were welcomed in to the world.
22 - letting me know how proud of me they are.
23 - dealing with my high school teenage drama.
24 - being sad when i'm sad and happy when i am.
25 - for teaching me how to give and serve with a happy heart.
26 - for mom bringing me a laundry basket of special treasures that "i really needed" cuz she couldn't bear to throw it away.
27 - for mom taking me to ricks college.
28 - for dad driving me back to ricks college and home again all in one day - and for the talk about potato cellars. (he may not remember, but i do).
29 - for giving me 2 amazing sisters and 1 fabulous brother.
30 - for being my best friends and teachers.
31 - helping me to see what opportunities were out there - and showing me i could have it all.
32 - always remembering the little things...and the big ones.
33 - birthday dinners.
34 - for making me feel like the most special daughter in the world.
mom and dad - i love you and hope you had a happy anniversary!


Nana Sue said...

Wow, again!! Here is sit bawling through this wonderful tribute!! Thanks so much, you make my life worth living, again, I have the VERY BEST kids, kids inlaws and grand kids in the whole world!! I love you gobs, hugs and love to you!!!

Marisa said...

Those were 34 great things about Mom & Dad!

linds said...

this was my favorite anniversary offence risa and neef. happy day to randy and sue!

Corinne said...

I love that!!! Well put. I didn't know you served a mission!! Where did you go??