Saturday, November 24, 2007

oh christmas tree...

the mason family tradition continues - with a slight change this year. every year we venture out the day after thanksgiving to find the perfect christmas tree. we usually go to evanston and get our permits at the jubilee grocery store in town, then up into the forest to find the one. this year we ended up going to manila (by flaming gorge) and stayed at mike's mom's cabin overnight. we got our permits there in manila on friday afternoon and ventured into the ashley national forest to find the perfect tree. mike, along with jake and max, left me and luke in the car to go find tree #1. (we decided to get 2 trees this for us and one to give away). luke was napping, so i rested while waiting for the boys to return. they came back pretty quick with a darling tree.

but it wasn't the "perfect" one i had in mind for this year. they are so patient with me! so, off to find tree #2. i made sure to go help scout this one out and when i saw it, was perfect!

it's that cute one all by itself in the middle!here we are posing by our perfect tree! apparently it was a bit heavy - mike and jake lugged it to the car.

thought i ought to include a picture of luke enjoying his ride in the car!

on our drive back to the cabin we caught a glimpse of the beautiful scenery. i am so thankful for family and for the fun traditions we have. i am grateful our boys put up with my picky tree selecting and endure the off tune christmas carols belted out in the car. i am thankful for the season of giving.

the story doesn't end there...then comes the challenge of getting the trees home, 3 hours away. thanks to my genius husband, we all arrived safely - trees and all.

then the next challenge began -- getting the perfect tree perfectly straight in our living room. once again, the picky one (that's me) was satisfied. the tree is perfect. the trip was fabulous. it's times like this that create memories worth remembering. what a fun tradition.


Nana Sue said...

oh suni you were right, it is the PERFECT tree!! seeing it in the wild with the light behind makes it even more of a "Griswald" experience! so glad you shared!
hugs to you all!!!

linds said...

what a fun tradition and nana sue is right, it is the perfect tree, cannot wait to meet it in person.

Marisa said...

Cute tree...but it looks so cold! I have vivid memories of cutting down a tree on the snowmobile trip. I was frozen and sure I would die. I think if I had to do it now, I WOULD die- but it looks like you guys had a blast!

janetha b said...

you should give the extra tree to me! i'm a needy poor person.

suni said...

it didn't even occur to me that you may want/need it!! sorry! next year, huh?